Contract negotiation

Architects often need to fight with developers to negotiate the contract they are offered. These are often underpaid and filled with unfair clauses and penalties.

This fight, in addition to being annoying and time-consuming, is often not of the competence of architects. It can contribute to creating a tense working relation before the project even starts. Too often, architects give up fighting because they lack time and are scared of putting the work relation in danger.

T&Co offers architects the possibility of increasing their fee, of benefiting from a fairer contract, and not losing their time anymore while keeping a neutral relation with the developers.

Our team is in charge of the negotiation of the contract : it reads it carefully and identifies unfair clauses and penalties, it calculates a realistic fee, it fights to get it and rebalances the paiement calendar. The team is in charge of the economic relation with the developer as a whole, standing alone in meetings, positioning itself as a neutral third-party.


Commission-based fee : between 1.5 and 3% of the architect’s fee depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Scheduled pay : 20% on signature of the contract, 60% on the building permit, 20% at the end of studies.

Following until the end of the PRO-DCE phase.

See the base contract