Parimien – 1 / Morland site

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Our mission

Talents & Co has been mandated to represent the interests of Novaxia and advise the developer in the choice of architects and designers. The intervention was expanded to include project programming, identifying French and foreign operators and negotiating collaboration agreements with said operators. The discussion initiated by Talents & Co resulted with integrationg the American hotel group The Standard in the project on the one hand, and that of the theater operator of the complex on the other hand.


Real Estate developer: Novaxia / SNI (Adoma, Aurore, Osica), Architects: SCAU,  Shigeru Ban & Jean de Gastines, Mu Architecture, Lanscape design: Base

Stage of progress: 2015-2016 competition. Selection in the final stage  – Overall 2nd prize
City: Paris, FRANCE


The Morland building is rather unpopular because of its monumentality and its location in a neighborhood that lacks animation. The team proposed to open it up, in order to allow Parisians to integrate it in the citys social structures by giving it new functions. The goal was to make it a place of entertainment and a destination that awakens the sleepy neighborhood. Through these new functions, similar to a small scale city, the project “#Parimien” is to be an emblem of a challenge of international stature: that of circular economy.

In order to open the building on its surroundings, a north-south pedestrian crossing was created, from the Morland boulevard to the Henri-IV quay, welcoming a large permanent market. In addition to this, the roofs of the tenth floor, which offer a 360 ° view of the most beautiful monuments of Paris, are to be made public so that the Parisians can come and hang out and be entertained. The entire building would be opening up to the world thanks to the Standard Hotel, a high-end and attractive hotel that would become a strong signal of the district.

On the Seine side, a theater, an exceptional wooden ovoid object enclosed in its case, will be marking  the entrance to the quay Henri-IV, encouraging the barge to enter this new place of diversity and culture.

The project insists on the occupation of spaces through programs and activities open to all public, with complementary services all around. Theway they respond to each other and interact, the mix of functions and uses will be ensuring the vitality of the whole site at any time. The site’s relationship with the neighborhood will make life there even more enjoyable.

By integrating into each program a component of the circular economy, “#Parimien” becomes an iconic place. This constant exchange and production at all stages of the life cycle of products (goods and services) aims at increasing the efficiency of resource use and reducing the impact on the environment, while participating in well-being of individuals. To involve everyone in this process, a label “#Parimien Circular” governed by a strict charter is proposed, while a dedicated concierge that is to orchestrate the synergies between participants  and ensure the circular economy.